Comfort Luxe and Comfort Flex -- Technical Details

Technical Details
  • Provides size flexibility to a brassiere without the wearer having to make an adjustment by use of an elastically elongatable, laminated base tape in a hook and eye closure of the brassiere.
  • Brassiere moves with the wearer.
  • Smooth, comfortable edge to a hook and eye closure.
  • Flexibility of brassiere size in a horizontal dimension with improved wearer comfort through use of an elastically elongatable cushioning layer on the eye tape of a hook and eye closure of the brassiere.

ComfortFlex incorporates a laminated base tape for a hook and eye closure that provides for dynamic adjustment of the girth of a garment by using an elastically elongatable fabric that has been laminated to at least one additional elastically elongatable layer. The glue or adhesive used for the lamination of the layers effectively prevents unacceptable fraying of the edges of the elastically elongatable fabric and, when an additional elastically elongatable layer on the eye tape is formed from a elastically elongatable cushioning material such as stretchable foam, discomfort due to pressure of the hook pressing against the user can be substantially eliminated.

The laminated base tape allows for a smooth, comfortable, and durable edge, whether ultrasonically sealed and cut, laser cut, scissor/blade cut, or die cut. Omni-directional elastic elongation of the base tape allows the base tape to move with the wearer to remain comfortably in place.

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