Spiral metal boning and flat white metal bones are used for heavy foundation garments such as corsets and body shapers or orthopedic knee and wrist braces. Their special construction make it possible for them to move in axial as well as in lateral directions. Flattened galvanized round spring steel wire with dual flattened coils are available with classic metal caps, soft powder-coated ends or extruded plastic tips.

Woven Boning is very flexible and bendable as well as waterproof, colorfast and dry cleanable. Woven bones are suitable for Women's Apparel, Sportswear, Lingerie, Swimwear, Children's wear, Evening wear and Medical applications. Woven boning is made from 100% monofilament polyester and completely sewable / sew-through.

Our Plastic Boning construction is a result of a unique production technique using two different specialized plastic components. The spring force and elastic pull characteristic of the boning is achieved by monofils located on the boning inside. The outer shell is a comparatively very soft coating that fixes the interior monofils at their optimal point. Due to special ultraviolet stabilisers in the coating, the important spring elements are additionally protected against aging and environmental embrittlement. With this special construction splintering and breaking of plastic bonings is a thing of the past.

For general information about boning and stays visit the Wikipedia article.