Rings and Slides

Rings and slides are accessories used in intimate apparel/lingerie. They serve as adjustment and decorative functions. Read more . . .

Nylon Coated Metal Rings

5.8mm inside / 9.1mm outside

7.9mm inside / 11.3mm outside

7.8mm inside / 9.8mm outside

9.9mm inside / 13.5mm outside

9.6mm inside / 12.2mm outside

9.1mm inside / 13.0mm outside

10.5mm inside / 13.9mm outside

12.0mm inside / 15.4mm outside

12.6mm inside / 16.0mm outside

12.2mm inside / 16.6mm outside

13.9mm inside / 17.1mm outside

14.7mm inside / 18.0mm outside

16.0mm inside / 20.0mm outside

17.0mm inside / 20.6mm outside

18.0mm inside / 21.0mm outside

18.7mm inside / 22.1mm outside

19.8mm inside / 22.5mm outside

7.9mm inside / 11.4mm outside

9.1mm inside / 13.2mm outside