Narrow Elastics

Knitted elastics are very widely utilized due to their low cost and large variety of possible tensions and thicknesses. Narrow knitted elastics in the lingerie sector are mainly used as bra straps, waist and arm bands. They are also used in other sectors for such applications as gloves, suspenders, belts, face masks, sporting goods, sweat bands, horse blankets and elastic pockets to name just a few.

Woven elastics are identifiable by the crosswise and parallel ribs which create a "window-pane" effect. The most important property of this type of elastic is that it can be easily stretched and stitched on the garment. Fashion Resources offers narrow woven elastics in a large variety of widths and styles. They are all made of nylon-6 yarns woven with high quality spandex material.

We provide in-house dying, finishing and testing for all our narrow elastic products and we manufacture to the highest quality matching the world's leading underwear manufacturer's standards.